Senior Transitions

Planning For a Bright Future

People are living longer, fuller lives than ever before—good news for everyone. As a result, planning for retirement requires more than a one-step plan. Initially, those who move to Florida seek out active communities with golf, tennis, and many fun-filled activities. And we certainly have many excellent options here in Southeast Florida. However, when it’s time to slow down a bit and find a new home that offers a slower-pace lifestyle with a different set of features and options.

Regardless of a person’s stage in life, quality care and comfort are essential to providing peace of mind for everyone involved. There are many things to consider, including the transition process as one transcends from to assisted living and beyond. As people look to leave their country club, golf, or beach home in Florida, they have many quality options that will make each juncture more manageable and ensure the best possible quality of life every step of the way.

Naturally, everyone’s situation is different on several levels. Therefore, to fully appreciate the options and make an excellent decision, an economic review is useful. As most senior homeowners are mortgage-free, their residence is a significant asset. Therefore, a current estimate of the property can serve as a starting point in the financial evaluation process. Timing, market conditions, pricing,  and presentation play critical roles too.

There are several transitional care options in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. An early review of all of the financially feasible options is easy to find with the help of several online resources like A Place for Mom –  a great starting point. Once you have determined which options best suit you and your family, the process can begin.

Online resources that offer knowledgeable and helpful tips regarding financial planning include  There are several credible and reliable local experts available to assist in the review and decision-making process. We encourage you to reach out to our trusted partners for help and assistance. You’ll be glad you did.